Summer Camp

8AB5557E-FBD7-428F-A225-E6EA5D840AC3I’ve always heard stories about summer camp, but it was nothing like people had described. You see, I was the dance coordinator at Tamarak Day Camp. Charizma Entertainment has been involved with the camp for the past 15 years. My original partner and mother of 2, Leslie Maxie, started the relationship and now I carry the torch. Being my first time to watch up close of what a well-oiled machine you need to make camp happen was simply amazing.

From the bus drop, line up, activities, outing, sleepover, and end of the day Lucia, Dave and the staff have created a pretty sweet place to be in the summer. Coming into the Front gate, the people are friendly and helpful to the staff and visiting guests. It’s so great to start your day with that kind of sunshine. Once I’m through the gate, the symphony of hellos and good mornings are always the way to start your day.

I have groups of campers from Munchkins to A B C and D group that come thru my work area. As you know music moves us in all different ways. The top 5 most requested songs for this summer were:

  1. Despacito Remix – by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee ft Justin Bieber
  2. How Far I’ll Go(Alessia Cara version) – by Alessia Cara (The Movie Moana)
  3. Can’t Stop The Feeling – by Justin Timberlake (The Movie Trolls)
  4. Shake It Off – by Taylor Swift
  5. Party in the U.S.A. – by Miley Cyrus

The best moments were when I watched the little campers get way into the music. Singing, dancing and smiling with each other having a great time. But I have to say, the biggest impression made on me was from the camp counselors. So many times I hear that this generation (Millennials) doesn’t care about anything but themselves. NOT TRUE. All summer I watched repeatedly their commitment, patient, love, and support for their campers. Making them laugh when they cry, listen to them attentively and holding them as if they were their own children.

As a parent who has watched my twin girls grow up spending summer at Tamarak Day Camp, I can see now how they have flourished as people and young women. With such caring and support that allow kids to be themselves and grow in a safe and fun environment. The community inside the gates makes life seem simple in a world that is sometimes not so. Thank you, again I had a great time at camp, can’t wait to see what next year brings.

Love is Love

As I reflect on this wedding season, Charizma Entertainment has and will always support the bonds of love that compel the desire to marry. This past June I’ve had the privilege to do my first, and I hope of many same sex weddings. Congratulations to Katie and Jen, our lovely brides, who in the midst of planning their wedding were also working on their doctorates. Seeing my ladies laugh and cry in the ceremony and dance the night away at the beautiful Morton Arboretum made my heart explode with pure joy. You see people are people and love has no boundaries.

Terry and Steve had a whole show planned in a different way at Mayne Stage, from the introductions to the exchanging of the vowels “AEI OU,”  they shared their video montages of the marriage at the Skokie court house and a snapshot of their life as a couple. What blew me away was how Terry and Steve shared the journey of the relationship as if you had a front row seat. Their family and friends in attendance felt the love as they acknowledged every couple that were in the room. As friends and family toasted the guys it was clear again that love is love.

I recently emceed a wedding reception in Cleveland for my good friends at Rock the House Entertainment. The marketing director, Nick Duve, is a friend and colleague in our industry. I was with him when the news went viral on June 26, 2015, that the Supreme court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. Words can not touch the intensity of his feelings that day. What I do know is that it’s finally permitted for him to marry the man he loves. Nick’s words are real and I share this with you and hope you can grasp the magnitude that this decision means for a group of people who have waited for this a long long time.

Congratulations to all who are now able to marry the love of their life. I would be honored to be a part of your love story.

Just because you wear black doesn’t mean it’s OK!!!

Everyone has their own style. We are in the image business and every day we step into the spotlight of someone’s event. In the world of mobile entertainment, Charizma has tried to uphold a certain flair with our emcees, djs, and interactive dancers. Black will always rank at the top of what to wear to work or perform at an event. It’s time to shed that image and move into a world of color. As an accent or a primary it can be a game changer in the way you look at your next event.

Things that you have to keep in mind is this… If you’re trying to add a little pop your wardrobe – Get Help!! Most major stores have fashion consultants that are more than willing to get you updated. Places such as Men’s Warehouse have changed the game in formal wear with tuxes and suits that don’t make you feel like your dad’s clothes. Express for Men has grown to be the place to get colorful shirts and tie or vest that make you turn heads when you walk into the room. Banana Republic has the style that can take you from conservative to eccentric.

Your footware is a game changer. Places like DSW provides you with everything from a pair of Chuck Taylors to Florsheim. Accessories will get you noticed also. Bow ties and crazy socks to go with your outfit will get you compliments and serve as conversation-starters with your next potential client. No matter what direction you decide to go updating your wardrobe, let the people know that care about being great, starting with looking great. So what’s your next outfit or suit going to look like at your next event?